Dandala Says He Offered to Step Down to Advance Cope's Cause

Article excerpt

BYLINE: Political Bureau

COGRESS of the People parliamentary leader Mvume Dandala has revealed that he offered to step down after a heated debate in his party questioning the legitimacy of his appointment.

Dandala told journalists in Johannesburg yesterday that, at a meeting of Cope's national committee earlier this month, some of his fellow party leaders raised questions about his becoming Cope's presidential candidate and later, parliamentary leader.

He said he had offered to resign if this would make matters easier for the party.

"It was necessary for us to think of the party first.

"At a time where it was becoming unclear whether the decision on the office of a presidential candidate and parliamentary leader was a transparent decision of the structures, I said to the members that if it would assist our party to become stronger, I was ready to step down," he said.

But other leaders had explained that the decision to appoint him was legitimate as it had been taken at the party's founding conference in Bloemfontein and endorsed at subsequent meetings, he said. …