Program for the 19th Prague Writers' Festival 2001 Nights: The Art of Silence: 7-11 June 2009

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The 19th anniversary of the Prague Writers' Festival will be held on the 7th-11th of June at the famous Laterna Magika Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic.

This year's theme is "2001 Nights: The Art of Story-telling." The festival will explore the parallels between "One-Thousand and One Nights" and the events of the 11th of September 2001: the connections between history and narrative, politics and literature. The festival presents a great occasion to hear excerpts from current literature--to listen to public readings and attend conversations. The authors will discuss the power of stories, the relationship between truth and literature, and the struggle that emerges from differing perceptions of facts.

The festival will exhibit stories mainly from Arabia (Adonis and Mourid Barghouti), China (Gao Xingjian, Ma Jian, and Yang Lian) and from the world of American underground comics (Robert Crumb, Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Gilbert Shelton). The festival will thereby seek to approach these three different "worlds."

Like no other literary festival, the Prague Writers' Festival is a festival of ideas, a festival of living culture.

All information about the Festival and its program are available on its website:

Sunday, 7 June

19.00 Gala Evening at Laterna Magika Theatre Performance: Handa Gote Hosts: Michael March, President, Prague Writers' Festival; Pavel Bem, Mayor, City of Prague Presentation: Spiros Vergos Prize for Freedom of Expression Guardian Conversation: All tales are a tale I'm telling myself

Monday, 8 June

18. …