A SONNY OUTLOOK; Editors Star Tom Says His Boy Has Inspired Brighter New Album

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Byline: BEV LYONS; Mickey McMonagle

EDITORS frontman Tom Smith claims his son Rudy has had a big impact on his usually dark lyrics - and he is sure fans will spot changes in the band's new album.

Tom's partner, Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman, has enjoyed showing off the nipper at festivals this summer while dad has been in the studio.

And while he has not written any songs specifically for or about Rudy, Tom is sure the tot pops up many times.

Tom said: "The album is done, so now we are gearing up for all the promotion, photoshoots and rehearsals for the tours, all that kind of stuff. It's coming out on October 12 and away we go again.

"Rudy is in the record somewhere. I have not directly written about him but the way I observe the world has changed because of him.

"So I will be interested to see what people pick up on in the album once they have lived with it for a while. Maybe they will spot it more than I can.

"I haven't tried to get Rudy involved directly, but of course he's in there."

Tom is desperate to show off the band's new tracks at Belladrum, when they headline the Highland festival on Friday night.

He said: "We want to get out and play it because it's all finished but nobody has heard it. I'm looking forward to getting the new tracks out there and we will do at least four new songs at Belladrum.

"But I want people to have the album with them for a while, live with it, listen to it a few times and then I want to know what they think about it. …