Three-Step Volunteer Screening Guide to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Article excerpt

The National Collaboration for Youth, an affinity group of the National Assembly of National Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations, has released Screening Volunteers to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: A Three-Step Action Guide.

The eight-page booklet provides communities and volunteer organizations with guidance in taking three critical actions to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse by volunteers:

1. Assessing the level of risk for child sexual abuse by a volunteer. The guide includes a "Child Sexual Abuse Risk Exposure Matrix."

2. Determining critical information and establishing the criteria needed to screen volunteer applicants.

3. Selecting the tools for screening applicants. The guide identifies three levels of screening: basic, intermediate, and comprehensive.

"Organizations that rely heavily on volunteers - whether they are youth sports organizations or wilderness exploration clubs - are faced with a difficult challenge when it comes to addressing the risk of child sexual abuse," says Gordon Raley, executive director of the National Assembly. "These organizations need to match their actual risk of sexual abuse by volunteers to appropriate and necessary screening mechanisms. This guide offers volunteer organizations a clear and concise process for doing just that."

Screening Volunteers to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: A Three-Step Action Guide begins with a unique new tool: the Child Sexual Abuse Risk Exposure Matrix. …