Fflur Is Top Novelist; Just-Married Writer Takes Fiction Prize for Dark Library Satire

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A NEWLY married woman will jet off on her honeymoon after winning the Eisteddfod's major prize for writing a novel Fflur Dafydd, the winner of the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize, married last weekend.

She and husband Iwan delayed their honeymoon in Italy because they are working at this week's festival.

Both play in a band and are singing at various gigs this week.

Fflur's winning novel Y Llyfrgell (the Library) takes a peep into one of the major institutions of Wales, the National Library.

Set in the year 2020, the novel follows a cast of characters during one dramatic day when two armed lady librarians occupy the Library.

"I took a risk with this novel and wanted it to have an unbiased reading which is why I entered it in this competition," she explained.

Fflur said the story is a satirical novel, with a large dose of black humour, which lampoons librarians, academicians, civil servants, politicians and janitors, and throws them mercilessly together in a sinister and bizarre crisis.


The novel, she added, also deals with a number of topical themes - digitisation, post-feminism, literary criticism and, most importantly, a nation's memory and identity.

"It is an alternative view of the nation's future, a future where women will govern; politicians overly influence the arts.

"It will upset many a reader - particularly the male critic - and is certain to stimulate debate," she said.

The Daniel Owen Memorial Prize is given for an unpublished novel of not less than 50,000 words with a strong story line. …