From Score to Screen; Former Rhondda Actor Adam Lewis Is Now Writing Music for TV, Film and Stage. Karen Price Chats to Him about His Latest Projects

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Byline: Karen Price

ADAM Lewis is considering is the type of music that would be perfect for a children's ghost story.

The former actor, who is from Tonyrefail, is composing the score for The Well, a forthcoming TV drama for children by acclaimed teen author Melvin Burgess.

He's already penned half of it and is now finalising the piece.

He says he wanted to make it "as scary as possible".

"Obviously I had to bear in mind that it's for teenagers and that it's due to be broadcast on Saturday afternoons so I couldn't go too far," he says.

"And you don't want to detract from what's going on on screen. It's not all about the music. You need to be subtle."

Lewis, who is 30 next month, started his career as an actor.

But having grown up in the Rhondda immersed in music, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that it's now part of his day job.

"I learned instruments and played in bands when I was younger.

"So when the acting work quietened down I took music up again," he says.

"I had helped out with the music during shows at college so I started writing and producing with bands."

Lewis went on to co-write the title theme to British movie Kidulthood, along with the film's actor and writer Noel Clarke.

"Noel really liked my stuff. My tracks were used for the film's trailers and publicity. So that's really how I moved into writing music for dramas and TV.

"My training as an actor helps me to understand scenes and characters in a drama. …