Why Queer? Why Now?

Article excerpt

FIRST, THERE HASN'T BEEN a super political queer mag since the Body Politic ended over twenty years ago in 1987. There have been a number of more academic inclined queer theory journals, special journal issues and a steady stream of queer articles. One could say that that there has been an explosion in queer theory and queer studies. This explosion of queer into the public from the 1990s onwards has simultaneously been breathtakingly exciting and boringly normalizing.

The CD queer Issue embraces, dominates and fucks with the political in queer, in the tradition of what the Body Politic claimed as its mandate and style: a "brash, inspiring, pig-headed - and vital" politics.

We do it again and different.

Again, because it is time.

Different, because queer ceased to be singularly about sex and gender becoming instead a dynamic of sex and gender in relation to and action with class, race, ethnicity and regionality in the global context. Queer evolved to include sadism and masochism, prostitution, inversion, transgender, bisexuality, as well as lesbianism and homosexuality. …