Help Available for Military Hit by Housing Market

Article excerpt

SOME military families are finding themselves in a precarious situation when it comes to selling their house and relocating, said housing experts.

Some bought their homes at the height of the market and now, because of permanent-change-of-station orders, are trying to sell in today's lower market, said Edmond Hackett, housing management specialist, Fort Belvoir, Va. The good news is that the new economic stimulus package has provisions to help military homeowners and Army Emergency Relief is also helping those hit by the crunch.


Renters are not immune to the effects of foreclosure either.

"In the past couple of months, approximately five Army families have had to deal with losing the homes they were renting when the owners faced foreclosures," said Shawn Walters, housing management specialist, Fort Belvoir.

An attachment to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations added in late 2008 authorizes a short-distance move of household goods for servicemembers forced to relocate because the home they were renting foreclosed. …