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BECAUSE of its expertise in language teaching methodology over the years, Popeth Cymraeg has forged links with many language organisations world-wide.

Ioan Talfryn, Popeth Cymraeg''s Director of Policy and Development has travelled widely to receive training from world acclaimed experts in language teaching such as Dr Georgi Lozanov of Bulgaria.

Dr Lozanov is the founder of the highly successful Suggestopedic method used by Popeth Cymraeg on its Unlimited Learning courses.

Ioan is currently the Vice Chairman of the Lozanov International Trainers Association and the association holds regular international phone conferences to discuss developments in the field.

As a qualified trainer himself Ioan has spoken and trained in numerous conferences and events. Last year he was one of the key speakers at a language teachers'' conference in Gran Canaria. He has also trained in international SEAL (The Society for Effective and Affective Learning) conferences, in the Isle of Man and this October will be visiting Cornwall to train tutors of Cornish. In addition, he has written a book on the history of language teaching methods and is currently researching a new book entitled Flip which discusses the most current ideas about language acquisition.

This internationalist dimension is central to Popeth Cymraeg''s philosophy - basically, if Popeth Cymraeg''s objective is to help adults learn Welsh as a second language then Popeth Cymraeg''s staff need to be well versed in the process of second language acquisition - and that means going through a similar process themselves.

All of Popeth Cymraeg''s tutor organisers have either learnt Welsh themselves or another language (between them they can manage French, Spanish, German, Breton, Catalan and some Italian) so they can instinctively understand how Welsh learners feel as they go through the process of learning Welsh. …