Jerry Manuel Takes Charge in Chicago(White Sox's New Manager Has a Different Management style)(Brief Article)

Article excerpt

New manager of the White Sox brings a new style to the Windy City

Jerry Manuel is not your ordinary manager, and the fact that he's African-American has nothing to do with it.

The new leader of the Chicago White Sox is characterized by his serenity and his ability to relate to his players in a kinder, gentler fashion. He is a man of tolerance and patience, one who gets inspiration, guidance and humility from the Bible, speeches made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and books like The Essential Gandhi. To bolster his inner strength, he takes it a step further, relying, he says, on fasting and prayer. "Fasting and prayer," the soft-spoken, born-again Christian says, "are for clarity and direction, not to make everything all right. will make that determination."

Every manager welcomes some divine intervention, but until that happens, Manuel's commitment is to bring some direction and stability to a team that hasn't been a part of a Word Series in 39 years and last won a championship 81 years ago. He is the third African-American manager in the major leagues (Don Baylor and Dusty Baker, both of whom have been named manager of the year, are the others), and he knows that since the spotlight is shining brightly on him, critics will be second-guessing practically everything he does. That, however, won't influence, he says, the steps he takes to rebuild a team that is anchored by All-Stars Frank Thomas and Albert Belle. …