Buy Rocks, Dinosaur Bonesat collegeAEs Earth Garage Sale

Article excerpt

Byline: Robert Sanchez

Wheaton CollegeAEs geology department has amassed an impressive collection of rocks and minerals in its many decades of field education.

So what happens when thereAEs not enough space for all of those artifacts of natural history?

You have a garage sale, of course.

Indeed, the geology department is hosting the Wheaton College Rock Sale, billed as EarthAEs garage sale, Saturday, Sept. 5, and Monday, Sept. 7, in the basement of Armerding Hall, near the corner of Irving and Kenilworth avenues on the collegeAEs campus in Wheaton.

Thousands of items, including fossils and dinosaur bones, will be sold for as little as 50 cents. The most expensive items will cost $300 to $400.

Still, the prices are considered rock bottom compared to what Web sites are charging for the same types of specimens.

Geology professor Jeff Greenberg said he and other sale organizers are more concerned about

unloading inventory than making a big profit. ThatAEs because space will be limited at the new science building the college is constructing.

Of course, the most valuable artifacts in the collection already have been set aside so they can go on display when the new building opens next year.

"We are going to have a new natural history museum, so we have been going through our materials trying to figure out what to put into the museum," Greenberg said. "But we also realized that we have so much stuff. …