STUDENT FINANCE; THERE Is Financial Support from the Government to Help with the Costs of Higher Education, Available through the Student Finance England Service.: YOU YOUR Futu Uture Re

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If you're studying full-time, the main sources of help are: . Student loans and grants from the government.. Bursaries from your university or college. All eligible students can get help with tuition fees and living costs through student loans.

takeout You'll be able to take out two student loans per academic year: . A student loan for tuition fees - to cover the cost in full, up to pounds 3,225.

helpwith . A student loan for maintenance - to help with accommodation and other living costs. Worth up to pounds 4,950 if you live away from home, or more if you study in London, though the maximum you can get is reduced if you're getting help through the maintenance grant.

Student loans have to be paid back - but you don't have to start making repayments until you've left your course and are earning over pounds 15,000.

re p what 15,000. Once your earnings reach this repayment threshold, you'll pay back nine per cent of whatever you earn over pounds 15,000. …