'MODERN TV COOKS ARE A***HOLES' Ailing Legend Floyd Blasts Today's Stars like Ramsay

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LEGENDARY TV chef Keith Floyd has delivered a bitter, foul-mouthed rant against modern-day screen cooks in an extraordinary documentary made by hellraising Welsh actor Keith Allen.

In the hour-long Channel 4 documentary, Keith Meets Keith, Swansea-born Allen, 56, tracks down a frail-looking, walking stick-aided Keith Floyd in rural France.

In conversations between Allen and Floyd, in which beer, wine, spirits and cigarette packets are to the fore, Floyd dismisses the modern generation of TV gastronomers as "a bunch of a***holes".

"The ill-conceived idea that all these w*****s who turn up on TV are chefs is a failure to understand the language. People who cook are cooks, a chef is a head of a restaurant kitchen.

"Gordon Ramsay is on a celebrity zig-zag, they've all been seduced by TV. To be fair, it's the producers who are at fault not these people.

"All they can do is assemble pieces of gastronomic Lego without having the faintest idea where they f****** come from."

Although Floyd only mentions Gordon Ramsay, pictures are flashed up of the Hairy Bikers, Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein.

Allen, born in Gorseinon, Swansea, the son of a submariner and a waitress, is a long-time admirer of Floyd.

Explaining why he wanted to meet and make a film about Floyd, he said: "If you're under 30, you've probably no idea how bad British food programmes used to be."

"But Floyd transformed the presentation of gastronomy on British television... he deconstructed it." Viewers adored the honest, skilful, and frequently inebriated cook who played irreverently with the conventions of television during such shows as Floyd on Fish and Floyd on France.

Allen first tried to meet Floyd through the cook's agent Stan Green but found "more on the agent's website about a boat Green was trying to sell than Keith Floyd".

Better known as the Sheriff of Nottingham in BBC drama Robin Hood, Allen tracked Floyd to his farmhouse in Avignon, Southern France. …