Creative Thinking - It's Child's Play, So Get Set to Roll Back Those Years

Article excerpt

A TRAINING company in Australia asked school children whether they were creative. "Do you like making things, designing things?" The five-year-olds in the class room all put their hands up. In the same school they asked a class of 15-year-olds the same question. Only one student out of the 18 raised their hand.

So what happens to us as we become adults? Do we just lose that ability to use our imagination? Do we forget how to be creative, or do we just get bogged down with what is in front of us? If the answer is yes then we have lost the ability to use a very powerful business development skill.

Creativity can be defined in many ways - originality, newness, seeing things differently/out-of-the-box thinking, etc. But underlying much of this is the idea of play. Play for adults!

As adults, particularly in the work place, we tend to put on our serious hat.

This may be a problem. Seriousness can, well, seriously inhibit our ability to be creative.

The challenge is to let ourselves play, to give ourselves permission to be creative, to get out of whatever box we're in and to start thinking more freely, playfully - to regain that childhood curiosity. …