A Technique for Your Time ... Match Your Energy to Your To-Do List

Article excerpt

Time-management expert Linda Walker discovered an effective technique for increasing productivity when her husband, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, struggled to meet deadlines. She discovered his productivity was greater if he scheduled tasks to match his mental and physical energy levels. Now, Walker, an entrepreneurial coach, teaches the technique to her clients, and it can also work for you.

"Common time-management advice dictates you start each day with your challenging task and work through your to do-list in order of priority," she says. "This assumes that all hours are created equal. However, if your energy levels aren't ideal for that task, you will be inefficient at best. More likely, you'll simply procrastinate."

Most people aren't aware of energy fluctuations that, although subtle at times, can greatly influence productivity, Walker says. "I suggest you track your energy patterns, usually For a week or more, to eliminate temporary fluctuations due to external factors like poor sleep or a business crisis. …