The Law Is Impossible to Follow

Article excerpt

Byline: Joe Downes

TWO in five employers have admitted that at some stage their company has had employment practices that were technically illegal, a survey shows.

However, rather than dishonesty, these breaches in the law occurred because employment regulations are now so complicated, arcane and even contradictory that it is impossible not to break some of them, bosses say.

Figures from the latest Employment Law Sentiment Survey carried out by Graphite HRM show that 62pc of respondents said they found it impossible to be compliant with some areas of employment law.

The Working Time Act was the most frequently cited piece of problem legislation.

Non-compliance with this act was noted as a particular problem area last year - of the 2,659 inspections conducted under this act during 2008, breaches of the legislation were detected in 48pc of cases, the National Employment Rights Authority reported earlier this year.

In the new Graphite survey, 97pc of employers said that the current Irish employment law framework has an adverse impact on their operational costs.

And 52pc said that these increases were having a significant impact on their businesses. Meanwhile, 97pc of employers said the balance of employment law in Ireland is firmly weighted in the direction of the employee. …