Occupational Therapy Graduates 2009

Article excerpt

Congratulations to the following who have achieved the qualifications in occupational therapy indicated. The College of Occupational Therapists wishes them every success in the future and hopes that their careers will be both interesting and rewarding.

The list contains the names of successful candidates from all higher education institutions in the United Kingdom that offer COT accredited pre-registration occupational therapy programmes and notified to the College between May and August 2009. A further list will be published in the February 2010 issue.

* With Distinction.

Bangor University

Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Therapy

CM Brennan.

Bournemouth University

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

First Class: MJ Forsyth; AA Grant; S Hawkins; SC Horsfield; M Toole; TM Weston.

Second Class (Upper Division): A Balogun; LR Bowditch; K Bright; K Cross; K Dawkins; N Hampshire; VM Kishere; KJ Long; M Matthews; LM McMahon; YM Noble; C O'Hagan; SJ Oliver; GS Paulley; L Roberts; ER Selway; F Taylor; L Wescott.

Second Class (Lower Division): K Bennetts; HM Bunter; CA Tilley.

Brunel University

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

First Class: E Abraham; R Anderson; S Blackhurst; S Brown; A Clitheroe; J Cole; E Diamant; E Goodhind; TG Hartwell; E Hodgson; L Kelly; BJ Kipling; JY Luke; G Riddell; S Sheth; S Sparke; J Temple; T Tinsley; AS Waterhouse; S White.

Second Class (Upper Division): T Anderson; R Barber; V Burrow; K Carter; D Carthy; K Charnley; J Clemente; N Cumberland; A Duncan; L Ellis; H England; J Hadfield; J Harvey; A Heaps; K Khan; K Lawson; E Manning; KS Miles; C Nightingale; AK Nimmo; E Piper; E Pond; M Shopland; A Sinclair-Horne; AM Stapleton; C Storan; M-L Stuart; M Sturman; D Thomas; D Turner; SC Usher-Smith; G Vanderpuye; A Veiga Vazquez; L Virani; J Vosloo; H Warwick; D Waters; M Westley. Second Class (Lower Division): M Ah Qune; F Ayoola-Giwa; J Bachrata; S Challenor; T Dyer; V Goddard; S Harman; R Hryb; G Klein; A Lawrence; C Malone; DE Olver; C Pobi; E Ripley.

Canterbury Christ Church University

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

First Class: SM Andrews; SE House; RE Morgan; ND O'Sullivan.

Second Class (Upper Division): LM Brown; MM Cook; J Ellis; KR Fitzpatrick; PJ Harman; AJ Perryman; G Ribeiro Luciano.

Second Class (Lower Division): JN Ashton; M-L Canfield; VI Clark; SH Dore; EA Doughty; J Dunford; SM Edge; CE Evans; K Hughes; E Ingram; LJ Jeffery; NM Moore; AL Newman; EJ O'Sullivan; JL Overton; JCS Pring; KS Rogbeer; SAM Ward; JL Watkins; FE Williams.

Third Class: C Geoghegan; NL Oconnor; HR Rich.

Cardiff University

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

First Class: A Foxcroft; R Kehoe; J Latham; N Rutter; H Smith; J Smith; E Southall.

Second Class (Upper Division): CA Ashworth; S Burrow; A Cann; AW Cookson; L Cowpe; G Davies; KJ Davies; L Elphick; C Frere-Smith; H Gigg; J Green; E Griffiths; R Hodgkiss; A Jackson; J Johnson; P Johnston; J Lewis; M Morrison; C Owen; E Smyth; C Spencer; L Thompson.

Second Class (Lower Division): DJ Balchin; KLH Burke; CE Burns; S Campbell-Twine; C Evans; K Gover; N Haji Ali; H Jones; HJ Kenyon; D O'Callaghan; H Price; S Talbot; C Wallace; EL Westall; H Williams; J Williams.

Third Class: CAL Jones.

Coventry University

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

First Class: JM Chamberlain; K Dudgeon; J Fitz-James; C Goodenough; KL Hill; EA Holley; R Laird; R McDonald; MD Mooney; S Purkis; J Reynolds; CY Ryan; CL Scott; SM Smith; R Somers; J Theys; A Thornborough; C Tidmarsh; A Whiston.

Second Class (Upper Division): L Baldwin; L Bampfield; AM Barbour; TL Barnett; JM Beech; SC Bell; DM Bissell; J Bowes; HL Burrows; J Carter; LMJ Cleaver; CE Crane; SD Crocker; M De Almeida Santos; KL Devlin; TM Doherty; CB Downy; J Fitzer; M Flynn; MA Fraher; H Franklin; M Giblin; CE Graham; S Grindey; NJ Hadley; EL Harden; BL Harris; TJ Harrison; FE Leslie; AM Littleford; KR Lucent; J Marwaha; T McCarron; NC Mir; SJ Moore; MD Nicholls; S Padoin; SK Phillips; HS Power; SE Rees; L Rimmer; ST Rowlands; HK Seewald; FK Shea; HA Shearan; MR Simons; A Stanton; LB Stone; MC Stretton; J Thomas; A Tracy; AL Truszkowski; KA Waddison; KE Waller; RJ Way; SC Widdison; LJ Williams; LM Wilson; JE Winter; RG Woodfield; CL Woods. …