Relief Workers Tell of Horrors in Indonesia

Article excerpt

Aid workers from a Birmingham-based charity have told of the devastation witnessed in the aftermath of the Indonesian earthquake.

Islamic Relief workers Razaul Karim, aged 25, and Jennifer Birch, aged 26 described the horror of seeing a mass grave where three villages and a school had been crushed by a landslide.

Razaul and Jennifer are among those working to support families affected by the destruction in Padang. Razaul said villages outside the city were "95 per cent destroyed" and told of one woman who watched her mother perish.

"When the earthquake hit, she called for her mother and started leaving the house," he said. "The walls were collapsing and she had to get her children out. She said she looked back and saw the roof fall in and her mother was putting her hands up. She had to make a choice - her children or her mother."

He also met a seven-year-old girl whose legs were crushed under a shopfront while she was out cycling as the disaster struck. "The pain must have been unimaginable.

She said she thought the world was ending - can you imagine a child experiencing how people feel when they're about to die? …