JUNE SARPONG: American Men Don't Have to Be Drunk to Chat Me Up! the Stunning TV Presenter Talks LA Dating, Why She Wants a Man Just like Vernon Kay and Hosting a Seance for Michael Jackson

Article excerpt

Byline: Olivia Buxton

When June Sarpong moved to LA to pursue her TV career last year, she discovered an added benefit she hadn't bargained on.

"I get chatted up all the time here," she laughs. "American men are much more forthcoming - and they don't need alcohol to chat you up.

"Here, you'll be in a supermarket and a guy will hit on you. Once, I was driving my car and this man got me to wind down my window to ask for directions at the traffic lights.

"When we got to the next set of traffic lights, he admitted he knew where he was going but that he wanted to talk to me. He followed me for a bit until I lost him!

"That sort of thing happens here all the time over here - it's great for your confidence and lets you know you've still got it.

"I'm a real fan of the multiple dating scene here," confesses the 32-yearold.

"In the UK everyone tends to have serious relationships and you end up more of a serial monogamist.

"You start going out with someone and it gets serious quickly but then you realise you don't have that much in common.

"In LA you date a few people but that doesn't mean sleeping with them. You go out and have dinner and then, after a few dates, choose who you like the most. It's much better. At least I can whittle out the ones I don't want a lot quicker."

Which is just as well as June says she has her sights set on something permanent.

"The next guy I meet has to be 'The One'," she says. "I don't just want another boyfriend for two or three years. I'm at that stage where I want to settle down and get married and I'm looking at dating in a very different way. I want a husband, not a boyfriend and I don't want to get into anything that won't last. Ideally, I'd like to get married in the next couple of years, and start having kids by 35."

June has had four serious relationships in her life, one with Labour MP and former Arts Minister David Lammy, and the last one ended when she left the UK and split from her businessman boyfriend of twoand-a-half years.

"He was a fantastic guy but ultimately I didn't see us together for the rest of our lives," she says.

Helpfully June already has a blueprint for that future husband of hers - her former T4 co-presenter Vernon Kay!

Unfortunately for her, he's already married to Your Life columnist Tess Daly but she insists she's holding out for a man just like him. "I'd love a man as adoring as Vernon is to Tess," she says. "He's the best husband a woman could ask for. Their marriage is something to aspire to. If I ever find that I'll be one happy woman.

"I love Tess and Vern so much. I know Vern from working with him on T4 and Tess and I knew each other before that. They are such a brilliant couple."

Since Tess announced in the Mirror that she and Vernon may be moving to LA next year, June can't wait to introduce them to the rest of the Brit Brigade out there.

"I love hanging out with Cat Deeley, Anna Friel, Paul McKenna and Terri Seymour," she says. "We all head to an Italian restaurant called Cecconi's in West Hollywood. It's the hottest restaurant in town and we all go for Sunday lunch. It's like the English kitchen!"

So among her famous Hollywood mates are there any potential husbands in the offing?

"There's one guy I really like but he's not my boyfriend and he's on probation right now," she giggles, before confiding: "I've been seeing him for a couple of months. He's a businessman from Atlanta but lives in LA.

"In the past I would have been like 'he's so hot and smart!' but now I take things slowly to see if the relationship is sustainable long-term. …