NLC Recognizes Cities and Towns

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NLC recognizes the successes of its members through various programs and appreciation events. Two of these, the Awards for Municipal Excellence and the Milestone Awards, recognize both city accomplishments and individuals' contributions to the community.

The Awards for Municipal Excellence is celebrating its 20th year in recognizing cities and towns that have developed outstanding programs that improve the quality of life in America's communities. An esteemed panel of judges, representing outside organizations and former local officials, selects eight of the most innovative programs as winners. The winning cities are nationally acknowledged and celebrated during NLC's Congress of Cities and Exposition. To learn more about the nomination process and to gain insight into past award winning programs that can inspire your community, visit NLC's website at for cities/awardsrecogntion.aspx

The Milestone Awards recognize cities for their continuous membership, commitment and support to NLC. Members are acknowledged with a certificate in five-year increments and honored and presented with a plaque on their 50th anniversary at a special ceremony during NLC's Congress of Cities. …