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Tech Time's News from the Net" began three years ago as an experiment. In 1995, Teaching Children Mathematics, its Editorial Panel, and the editors of "Tech Time" thought that teachers would like to read about exemplary Web sites. Those accessing the Internet knew how frustrating it was to try to find exceptional material that could be used to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. Since even more teachers are using the Internet now, we are kicking off a new volume year by listing selected Web sites that we have published so far to give new readers and new computer users a ready list of excellent sources for information, lessons, and encouragement. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

The following sites contain general information for all teachers of mathematics:

The NCTM site gives access to information about conferences, job opportunities, breaking news, and other items of interest to all teachers of mathematics.

The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) informs educators about the results and recommendations from the latest international testing of mathematics and science.

The Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation maintains this site, which is rich in Internet resources, essays on constructivism and education, and a resource library.

The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) for Mathematics and Science Education gives teachers access to information about successful programs that can be adopted by local schools and school districts. ENC services can help teachers find the latest information about mathematics and science education. In addition, the "Digital Dozen" highlists new electronic resources.

These sites contain lesson plans and ideas: …