NOT JUST WILLIAMS; Robbie Hints at Wedding Plans and Says He Will Play with Take That Again

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Byline: Rick Fulton; BEV LYONS

ROBBIE Williams yesterday said he was sorry he couldn't make it to Mark Owen's wedding - and then revealed he may be planning his own.

The Bodies singer thought Mark's Scottish nuptials were "lovely" and then admitted he is considering asking girlfiend Ayda Field to be his wife.

Speaking on Loose Women yesterday, the 35-year-old was asked if he had plans to wed and said: "I might be, it could be on the cards ... yeah."

The Rock DJ hitmaker couldn't make it to Mark's wedding on Sunday at Cawdor Castle to watch him tie the knot with Emma Ferguson as he had other commitments.

Robbie said: "Mark's wedding was lovely. I wasn't there; I was in Germany doing a TV show."

The singer's new album Reality Killed The Video Star was released yesterday and many are wondering whether he will emulate the success of his old band - especially after the relative failure of his last album Rudebox.

And Robbie said he was pleased the band had sorted out any issues they had had and said they would definitely work together again in the future.

Robbie said: "I'm so glad I have sorted out my relationship with them. We sat down and did all the hard talk straight away and sorted everything out and then it was done" And he heaped praise on songwriter Gary Barlow, saying: "Gary's just a very, very well rounded loving man. He's special and he should be regarded as special in this country."

Robbie also confirmed he is definitely set to reunite for some type of musical project with the group.

He added: "I wouldn't want to go on a massive tour or anything but I want to do something with the lads for fun. …