Wales Rated Top as Contact Centre Location by Industry Bible

Article excerpt

WALES has come top in the UK regional rankings in this year's UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers' Guide.

The guide assesses the performance, operations, technology and HR aspects of all UK contact centre operations.

The guide is written by ContactBabel, the world's leading analyst company for the contact centre industry, and is the largest and most comprehensive study available of all aspects of the UK contact centre industry. The report covers all elements of customer contact such as quality, customer satisfaction, salaries, staff attrition and absence, technology, multimedia, cost savings and strategy. The contact centre industry in Wales is worth around pounds 29m a year and employs around 24,000 people in 29 towns and cities.

Sandra Busby, director of the South West Contact Centre Forum, said: "This ranking is great testament to the outstanding excellence of employers and employees in Wales' booming contact centre industry. It demonstrates the pursuit of excellence in an industry which continues to play an important role in the economy of modern Wales. These economic benefits are due in no small part to the high calibre both of the people employed in the industry and the employers we have managed to attract to set up business here. …