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ItAEs up to the Senate to do whatAEs right

The U.S. Senate has the opportunity to do long-term good for this nation by simply voting to approve the finalized version of the Affordable Health Care for America Act that has been passed by the House of Representatives.

Eighty five years ago, the Senate stood up and acted to pass President RooseveltAEs Social Security legislation, one of the most effective and positive acts in the nationAEs history. Now a different Senate can act to repeat, and recapture, past greatness and effective leadership.

Senators: pass the pending finalized health care legislation that is so desperately needed. Listen to your hearts and to the needs of the people, and not to the special interests.

Robert Arnoldt


Health care reform is good for everyone

Representative Mark Kirk, what is wrong with you? Vote yes for comprehensive health care reform, please. A favorable vote is the right thing to do to help everyone, those of means and those with much less. Be fair, be helpful and do your job like so many of your constituents want from you.

Colleen Costello

Buffalo Grove

Vote out anyone who supports reform

Please do not let these control-hungry Congress people have any more control over the population. The majority of us do not want it.

Why did they exempt themselves from the health care? Who do they think they are?

They are supposed to be serving us, not controlling us. Most of them will be losing their jobs in the next election, and we can then take back our beloved country.

David Donahue

Hoffman Estates

ThereAEs time for foes to change their vote

I was disappointed to see my representative, Mark Kirk, has caved in to the special interest groups who badger against affordable health care reform for all in our great nation. I expected more from you, Rep. Kirk.

I have worked as a nurse in our area and have seen firsthand the poor who have been physically ravaged with health problems because of no health insurance. They have had to be rushed to the emergency room rather then take advantage of preventive care that could be offered in this plan and possibly could prevent their death sentence because of a lack of health care.

The emergency room costs from the uninsured and thus lack of preventive care for them has costs skyrocketing for all of us.

It is fiscally irresponsible to not pass HR 3962.

Worse than that we have become a me, me society. We need to care for the health needs of all of our citizens like other great nations have done.

Rep. Kirk you can still get on board to give affordable health care to all of our citizens when the final vote for health reform bill comes up again.

Vote strong next time for your constituents vital health care needs. Vote yes!

Diane Adam

Arlington Heights

Know true cost of the public option

I think some people prefer the public option in the health care debate because they assume it will save money. Senate Leader Harry Reid said, "I donAEt think we should be crying great big tears about the insurance industry. There is no business in America that makes more money than the insurance industry."

While IAEm not sure what is wrong with making a profit, his statement is not even accurate. In 2008 insurance company profits averaged 2.2 percent. They were 35th on the list of industries by profit margin.

Then I learn that the average federal employee earns almost exactly twice as much as the average private sector employee in compensation and benefits. This is not much of a surprise. Have you heard about their pensions? Finally, Dan Lucas said, "Private health insurance is more than three times as cost effective as government health insurance." That should not be surprise either.

So the bottom line and main concern about the public option simply is, government provided insurance will cost more than private insurance, a lot more. …