The Security Cooperation Management Suite: Information, Visibility and Responsiveness

Article excerpt

The security cooperation (SC) community is gaining a valuable new source of information on foreign military sales (FMS) goods and services, spanning the full range from request to delivery. A new management suite, hosted via the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP), will provide both the U.S. and our international partners new access to key information needed to track progress and assure project success.

This community, in 2007, identified a need for a common operating picture of FMS products and services. To fulfill this need, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) sponsored the Navy Supply Information Systems Activity (NAVSISA) and Defense Security Assistance Development Center (DSADC) to develop a software application to provide better visibility of FMS case execution, procurement, and delivery. This effort began as a prototype for Iraq, one of the community's top priorities. It was dubbed the Iraq common operating picture (COP). The COP was fielded in less than a year and impressing users and leadership with its value was quickly expanded to include Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon.


The application was renamed the Security Cooperation Management Suite (SCMS) to reflect a broader mandate. As a common operating picture for FMS, SCMS was expanded to cover all regions and countries. It provides better visibility and more complete information to a wide variety of U.S. agencies and war fighters. SCMS targets the types of technical and managerial information necessary to permit well-informed decisions, and improve FMS contracting and transportation responsiveness. It gives access to key delivery information. And hosted via SCIE SCMS offers the advantage of availability--to those users who already have the access, approvals, and system knowledge to go right to work.

Prior to SCMS, relevant parties relied on multiple sources of data and manual processes to track and update the status of defense articles and services procured through FMS. SCMS gives users quick access to:

* Information on case development

* Case execution

* Contracting

* Requisitions

* Financials

* Transportation information via a single centralized repository

SCMS facilitates case and material tracking using milestones within the FMS process. It allows the user to customize reports in support of unique requirements. Access rights allow select users to input data and pull information according to need and authority. …