Kane County Slows Down Plans for Wind Turbine

Article excerpt

Byline: James Fuller jfuller@dailyherald.com

Proponents of using wind turbines to power private homes and businesses in Kane County had a little air taken out of their sails Tuesday.

The county staff already wrote a draft ordinance that will be presented to the county boardAEs Energy and Environmental Committee Wednesday. But members of the county boardAEs Development Committee have a slew of questions and concerns that will slow the process from the veritable fast track the proposed regulations have been on so far.

Of primary concern is striking a balance between how tall the wind turbines must be to generate enough power and the impact of what some may deem an eyesore in some neighborhoods.

Development committee members also said theyAEd like regulations to spell out more clearly that a turbine should be placed near the structure for which it will provide power and not on a lot line where it might be a nuisance to neighbors. And the committee wants rules to deal with neglected, abandoned or especially noisy wind turbines should the situation arise.

Some board members, such as Bill Wyatt, arenAEt convinced wind turbines are a viable, environmentally friendly energy option. …