Chance for Wales to Tap into Massachusetts Institute's Expertise

Article excerpt

BUSINESSES in Wales are to be given the opportunity to access academic and scientific expertise from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - one of the world's leading universities.

Earlier this week, the University of Wales signed an agreement with MIT's Industrial Liaison ProS gram (ILP), which helps leading global companies keep pace with industry changes, develop new products and processes, and adopt innovative management practices.

As part of the arrangement, Welsh companies that are members of the University of Wales' Global Academy will be given access to world-class academic expertise in key science, engineering and technology areas. Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, director of research and innovation at the University of Wales, said it provides an opportunity for Welsh businesses to gain direct access to some of the best academic minds in the world.

"The University of Wales is thrilled at the prospect of having companies from Wales gain direct access to the programme which helps businesses worldwide harness MIT's resources.

"The aim of the University of Wales is to take the best of Wales to the world and to bring the best of the world to Wales. This programme is a perfect example of that philosophy and will enable Welsh entrepreneurs to work alongside MIT to monitor emerging innovations in science and technology. …