Debt Case Winner Wades into Key Credit Card Cases

Article excerpt


A BUSINESSMAN who had his credit card debts made unenforceable has waded into the consumer credit debate.

A dozen test cases were heard last week in Manchester to establish what obligations lenders have when trying to press for repayment of unsecured debt.

Banks were trying to claim they should be exempt from certain parts of the Consumer Credit Act, such as providing a copy of terms and conditions.

But Paul Collins, 47, says banks should not be given an easier time. He was harassed by debt collectors chasing a pounds 2,700 balance on his credit card, money which he had used to give cash flow to his flooring business, which had hit hard times. Mr Collins received daily phone calls and letters asking him to pay up, which, although perfectly legal, put him and his family through trauma. They also threatened to repossess his home.

He successfully saw off the credit card company after challenging the debt with MSB Solicitors, who are also handling one of the 12 cases in Manchester.

Mr Collins, who was receiving cancer treatment at the time, told LDP Legal: "They were aware of my condition and at no time was I allowed to make a small payment to keep things going. …