Police Issue 1 800 Fines for Traffic Violations in Single Day

Article excerpt


A CAR with a plastic can for a petrol tank and a forged licence disc and an unroadworthy taxi driven by an unlicensed driver, were examples of traffic violations city law enforcement officers had to deal with since the start of this week.

And after 1 800 fines were issued on Monday for traffic violations, the city sounded a warning to errant motorists, particularly taxi drivers that they will have to change their ways or face heavy fines, confiscation of their vehicles and even arrest.

As the blitz continued yesterday, mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith said the clampdown was to demonstrate that traffic offences would not be tolerated.

Statistics showed that within two hours on Monday morning, 125 unlicensed drivers were nabbed and 123 taxis were fined for overloading. Thirty-nine minibus taxis were impounded and fines issued to taxis alone amounted to R776 000. Yesterday nine taxis were impounded after they were pulled off at Borcherds Quarry Road near the airport.

"We want to demonstrate that we are committed to restoring law and order on our roads. There are incidents where some taxi drivers are taking the law into their own hands. …