Business Registrations

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Byline: blue chip

These are business registrations with the Oregon Secretary of State's office from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. The list also includes business names that were required to file a new registration.

Blue River

Jon Mahody Real Estate, 56460 N. Bank Road., Dawn Seiler, P.O. Box 412.


Eva Rose Designs, Michelle Cossentino, P.O. Box 8293.

The Pines Grill & Bar, P.O. Box 8516.

Cottage Grove

AM Jensen Enterprises, Arliss Jensen, 1631 Ash Ave.

Baby Doll Hats, Tabitha Early, 1425 E. Madison Ave.

CLG Tools, Carl Gabrielson, 945 V Court.

Cottage Grove Art Center, Susan Tryk, 657 N. Ninth St.

D&D Aircraft LLC, Duane Trappen, 2160 E. Main.

Earth Shelters Inc., J. Rawson, 72786 Shoestring Road.

Garden of Ink Creative Services, Shelly Davey, 21 S. Sixth St.

Howlin' Mad Associates, Thomas Howell, 36929 Row River Road.

Keenan Mudrick Design Group LLC, John Keenan-Mudrick, 1610 S. 12th St.

Oregon Fudge Factory, Heidi Pataky, 945 Gateway Blvd.

Prehistoric Paradise Adult Foster Care LLC., Tara Tolmachoff, 36083 Wagner Lane.

The T Club, Nathan York, 76631 Blue Mountain School Road. Co., Don Leach, 51 Van Buren Ave.

Tony's Coins & Things, Anthony Dover, 78262 Cedar Park Road.

W.L. Sunkler, William Sunkler, 79587 Abbott Lane P.O. Box 1654.

West Coast Contract Cutting Inc., Kevin Dunnavin, 32288 Goddard Lane.


BG's Ventures, Wm. Gross, P.O. Box 1005.

Goshen Auto Recyclers, Regan Cummins, P.O. Box 947.

J. Christy & Company LLC, Emie Williams, 82581 Rodgers Road.

Kinetic Sales LLC, Mark Haga, 83800 N. Pacific Highway.

La Pinata, Rosa Urenda, P.O. Box 866.

Panoramic Artistry LLC, Alexandra Crippen, 33072 Camas Swale Road.

Paul Veluscek, Paul Veluscek, 81912 Sears Road.

Rifka Rae Hairdesign, Rheva Koon, P.O. Box 820.

Tim Fox Productions LLC, Tim Fosmark, 370 Pebble Beach Drive.

Veluscek Management, Paul Veluscek, 81912 Sears Road.


99 Crossings LLC, William Bromley, 627 Country Club Road, Suite 200.

A&J Sports Cards, John Ferreira, 3819 Mirror Pond Way.

A Better Bar LLC, Wendy Watson, 464 W. 12th Ave.

A Walk on the Wild Side, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Aces High Handyman Services LLC, Marc Kucik, 3450 Harlow Road.

Adkins Appraisal, Theodore Adkins, 940 Highway 99N.

Affordable Computer Services, Joseph Harvey, 1690 W. Eighth Place.

Alison & Hill LLC, 450 Country Club Road, Suite 200.

All Pair, Jeremiah Stansbury, 1029 W. 11th Ave.

Alta Pete Corporation, Randol Fletcher, 337 Grizzly Ave.

Anderson Coffee Roasters LLC, Davin Anderson, 443 Gerald Ave.

Any Lab Test Now, 1733 Pearl St.

Arena Lofts, 1965 E. 15th Ave.

Art of War LLC, Jason Georgianna, 1680 Augusta St.

Atlas Trading International LLC, Hershner Hunter LLP, P.O. Box 1475.

Avalon Labs LLC, Jacob Fike, 820 Skipper Ave.

Azores Pacific Contracting LLC, Bruce Moore, 96 E. Broadway, Suite 7.

B&A International LLC, Richard Larson, 975 Oak St., Suite 1050.

B&A Realty, Richard Larson, 975 Oak St., Suite 1050.

Bali Publishing, 2886 Martinique Ave.

Beaded Journey, Donna Taggart, 1371 Washington St.

Beerhoodie, Hien Williams, 1699 W. 11th Ave.

Bella Rose LLC, David Spear, 396 E. 18th Ave.

Best English Services LLC, David Siegmund, 1814 Cal Young Road, Apt. 97.

Best Handyman Services, Michael Buckwald, 4984 Morley Loop.

Better Building and Consulting Co., Eva Bever, 1739 Oak Drive.

Bishop North LLC, Kirk Haskell, 1399 Franklin Blvd. …