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Byline: Mike Harris

1. Why should an 1898 football match between Blackburn Rovers and West Bromwich Albion have become an important part of recorded UK history? 2. With which Welsh town are the actors Richard Burton(1925-1984), Anthony Hopkins(1937-), Ray Milland(1907-1986) and Michael Sheen(1969-) closely associated? Is it Aberavon, Bridgend, Maesteg, Port Talbot or Porthcawl? 3. Of which composer, at the age of 15, did a fellow musician say: "This boy will cause us all to be forgotten." 4. Of which British publication are Abbas Combe and Zouch geographical bookends? 5. Identify which of these grape varieties are red, and which, white? Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cinsault, Colambard, Gewurztraminer, Grenache, Malbec, Malvasia, Marsanne, Muller-Thurgau, Muscadet, Pinotage, Riesling, Semillon, Shiraz, Silvana, Tempranillo, Trebbiano, Viognier & Zinfandel. 6. Of what National Gallery painting is this a part description, "... ..Its two hinged panels still shine with gold, and the lapis blues of the Virgin's and angels' robes are as rich as when they were painted sometime in the late 1390s."

7. What are nonesuch chests ? 8. In Judaism, what is the collective name for the Old Testament books, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy 9. "A 40mph crash is twice as dangerous as a 20mph collision." Is this statement true or false? Domestic/Nigella Lawson, x.) White/Zadie. QUIZOPEDIA ANSWERS Mike Harris 10. These are 10 of the most popular books (out of 100) which are said to have defined, 'the last 10 years in publishing.' Complete both the titles and their authors: i.) The No 1 Ladies' *** Agency/Alexander *** Smith, ii.) The *** Years/Alistair ***, iii.) My ***/*** Cole, iv.) ***From My Father/B*** O***, v.) The *** *** Code/Dan ***, vi.) The ***Utd/ David***, vii.) Harry Potter and the Deathly ***/J***K***R***, viii.) It's Not *** The Bike/*** Armstrong, ix.) How To Be A *** ***/N*** L*****, and, x.) ***Teeth/*** Smith.

Blair/Campbell, iii.) Defence/Ashley, iv.) Dreams/Barach Obama, v.) Da Vinci/Brown, vi. …