NEW YEAR FAIRIES CAN FIX THOSE PROBLEMS; Resolution Help from the Experts

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As we kick off 2010 many of us will be making New Year resolutions to improve our health.

But whether you're trying to slim, get fit or stub out smoking, it can be tough to stick to your goal without help.

MARIA CROCE talks to the Resolution Fairies - three experts who've made it their business to help people keep their New Year goals in focus.

Resolution Quit Smoking Fairy - Anne Penman W HEN Anne Penman kicked her 60-fags -a-day habit after 19 years, she also decided she had to help others quit smoking.

Only when her husband Ron suffered his second heart attack and underwent triple bypass surgery in 1991 did Anne realise she'd have to be serious about stopping.

Glasgow-based Anne, 56, said: "I knew if I wanted to support him, I'd have to quit smoking. I tried all the methods available without success and eventually found laser therapy."

She had her first laser therapy session in April 1991 - and hasn't smoked since.

"This led to a complete lifestyle change and I exchanged my passion to smoke for a passion to help others quit," Anne explained.

She trained as a laser therapist and developed her own programme, combining laser therapy with personalised counselling as well as a 24-hour helpline.

She opened her first laser therapy centre in Scotland in 1992 and now trains others. Her technique is also used in America and Turkey.

A soft laser is used to target specific energy points in the body to reduce cravings and stress and restore balance.

The therapy side helps deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of quitting smoking, through discussing the role smoking has played in a person's life.

"Anybody can stop smoking - it's making the lifestyle change after you stop and keeping to it that can be difficult," said Anne.

She suggests anyone planning to quit needs to set a date and make sure friends and family know what they're doing as support is important.

"January 1 is not necessarily the best time to quit but you can at least start talking about it," she said.

"First you should decide when is going to be your quit date so you can prepare for it. Think about the reasons for quitting, such as how much money you'll save. Look at how you can break the links that create the habit.

"Save the money you'd have spent on cigarettes and buy yourself a treat."

Anne Penman Laser Therapy, 158 Queen's Drive, Glasgow, www.annepenman.

com, 0141 423 9375.

TOP TIPS smoking - and stick to it.

reasons for quitting - health, finance, family.

you're going to quit - so they can support you.

withdrawal symptoms such as laser therapy.

Resolution Slimming Fairy - Mary Pewtress SLIMMING club leader Mary Pewtress says she must have shed more than 20 stone over the years - and she knows how difficult it can be to keep weight off.

"My weight has been up and down over the years so I can identify with my members," says Mary, 50, a Scottish Slimmers leader and mum-of-two from Wishaw, Lanarkshire.

"But I know what works and that's how I help others. Scottish Slimmers is not a diet, it's a healthy eating plan. Nothing is denied as long as you calculate it, then you can work out if something is worth having.

"A lot of people join up every January - but some will give up by February. Some people try to give everything up like chocolate and biscuits in one go. But they need to make small changes at first until these become habits. …