Cope Youth Movement Says Party Leadership Must Quit

Article excerpt

BYLINE: Political Bureau

THE Congress of the People Youth Movement has called for the immediate dissolution of Cope's national leadership, which, it says, is to blame for the poor state the party is in.

In a potentially explosive confidential draft discussion paper by its national secretariat, the youth movement says it "no longer has confidence in the current Congress National Committee" because the committee has failed to develop a programme of action and is "dysfunctional".

The movement also wants the party's policy and elective conferences to be held at the end of May - one of the earlier dates proposed by the party.

In the document, which the Cape Times has a copy of, the youth movement criticises the leadership for the party's "non-existent" head office, the lack of regular campaigns, the lack of clear policy positions, "policy on the go", as happened with the party's undebated stance on labour brokers last year, and the party's "dismal" performance in by-elections.

Other "key weaknesses" outlined by the youth movement include "a dysfunctional political and administrative organisational structure", too few branches "due to the late release of guidelines as well as an absent national drive for this work" and the lack of a "sense of urgency" in drawing up a constitution for Cope. …