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January 2010 Feature Exhibition


Fakes and Forgeries: Yesterday and Today

Counterfeit currency has been a problem in societies since the origin of money 2,500 years ago. Today central banks around the world wage an unending battle against counterfeiters to maintain the integrity of their bank notes. Most counterfeit bills are produced and distributed by organized crime to finance other illegal activities, though individual counterfeiters also try their hand at forging notes, hoping that their victims will not look too closely. Even a bad fake can pass as genuine if no one gives it a second look. And if you accept a fake bill, you're stuck--you won't be reimbursed, and it's illegal to pass it on.


The forgery of art works has been going on for just as long and every museum has a few fakes in its collections. In this ROM-developed exhibition, forged objects ranging from Egyptian and Hellenic antiquities to Canal Street knock-offs and fossil animals to pirated software and Canadian bank notes are placed next to their real counterparts and the differences are explained. The fascinating science behind detection is also described, revealing the techniques and tools that ROM experts use to detect forgeries.


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Opening February 27, 2010 Gallery Opening Philosophers' Walk Wing, Level 2


The Bat Cave

It's bigger, better, and scarier than before!

Created by an underground river, Jamaica's St. Clair Cave is one of the island's most notable bat roosts, home to 10 different species of bats. The famed cave was expertly re-created at the ROM, opening in 1988, and has been a perennial favourite with families ever since. The newly revamped Bat Cave, opening February 27, 2010, is larger, more realistic--and scarier--than before. Many more bats are in flight and roosting in the hollows of the new cave along with additional kinds of cave dwellers. An enhanced light-and-sound show complete with changing air currents and realistic underfoot terrain brings the cave to life. For the curious spelunker, a field guide details each of the species. Bring the family to brave the new cave--if you dare!

Until July 4, 2010 Ongoing Exhibition

Herman Herzog Levy Gallery, part of the Asian Suite of Galleries, Philosophers' Walk Wing, Level 1

East Asian Paintings & Prints: Recent Acquisitions

In the art world, contemporary Korean artist Suh Se-ok's consistently black ink-only works are considered both painting and calligraphy. He writes his sparse marks on handmade Korean paper, and in the impressive 1995 work People, recently acquired by the ROM, he uses the Chinese character ren, meaning people, as his point of departure. More than 40 additional works acquired by the ROM in the last 12 years are on display--all important paintings, calligraphies, and prints from Korea, China, and Japan.


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Opening February 22, 2010

Roloff Beny Gallery, Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Level 4

Dan Perjovschi: Late News

Romanian-born artist Dan Perjovschi's witty and incisive mix of drawing, cartoon, and graffiti will be penned in permanent marker directly on the walls of the ROM's Roloff Beny Gallery. From February 15 to 28, he and partner, Lia, will create the installation during public hours. This is his Canadian debut.

Until January 17, 2010 Ongoing Exhibition

Wilson Canadian Heritage Room in the Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada, Weston Family Wing, Level 1

Returned to Former Splendour

Across time, paintings can sustain all manner of damage: pigments and other components can break down or change colour, canvas can tear, even attempts at repair can be detrimental. …