Find Treats on Your Doorstep

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Byline: Christine Farn

AS WELL as being a great place to shop 'til you drop, Coventry city centre offers a wealth of exciting attractions for local people, visitors and tourists.

There are hotels to suit all budgets and an excellent selection of cafes and restaurants to cater for all tastes.

YOUR first pit stop could be the Transport Museum in Hales Street which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and offers thrills, inspiration and a generous slice of nostalgia.

It is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting the products of a city that changed the world and focuses on the skills and innovation of its people.

The majority of the collection is Coventry-built or has a strong connection with the city. Coventry has had nearly 600 companies making cycles, cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

You can find out about their fascinating histories and see vehicles made by world famous names throughout the museum.

Take a journey through the development of road transport and discover the pioneers who made it happen. Rattle your bones on one of the earliest cycles and blow your mind when you feel the force of the land speed record.

THE next port of call could be a quick dip at Coventry Leisure Centre in Fairfax Street, before heading for the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery in Jordan Well.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is named after Sir Alfred Herbert, a local industrialist who founded Alfred Herbert Limited, at one time the world's largest machine toolmaking company.

In 1938, Sir Alfred donated pounds 100,000 to the city of Coventry to pay for the construction of an art gallery and museum.

Work started in 1939 on a site on the other side of Bayley Lane from the present building. At the start of the Second World War only the basement had been completed and work was stopped. …