Sir Lancelot and His Page; Win a Superb Parker Sonnet Pen Worth [Pounds Sterling]100

Article excerpt

HERE'S your chance to win a Parker Sonnet Black Laque fountain pen worth [pounds sterling]100. Every week our gallant knight Sir Lancelot engages in an amiable joust with his Page. They provide different clues that give the same answers. Sir Lancelot provides the Cryptic Clues and his Page the Quick Clues. Solution next Sunday.



1 Geology induced heart attack since discredited by church (5,7)

8 Belittler produces crude display in front of the Queen (7)

9 Cake decorator getting something to write with in cool venue (3,4)

11 Tough guys pull hard to get one in second (7)

12 Ten scrambled, given bad weather, to get on public transport (7)

13 Needing a cleaner? This must be done about Sunday (5)

14 Renew loss adjustment for description of abandoned item (9)

16 No new pearl replaced round one, it's incomparable (9)

19 Nut with a foot affliction (5)

21 Fired up from awful dieting (7)

23 Put in place where racehorse might be (7)

24 Philosopher to take trip with one round Australia (7)

25 Sort of rock and roll (not new) using one (7)

26 Unbalanced til my camera's repaired (12)


1 Makes fond of surrounding organ stops (7)

2 Correct if you internally put right (7)

3 12 signs of a popular newspaper feature (9)

4 Man of India about to be (5)

5 English college head is one who puts things up (7)

6 Curved feature for fashionable Scottish one (7)

7 Doctors hit on new branch of dentistry (12)

10 Perfect speech from monarch having shingles treated (5,7)

15 One negates Greek character's lines I fire off (9)

17 Representatives of holy woman one found in Greek island (7)

18 Arthur in favour of Matisse's introduction in composition (3,4)

19 London team in charge dropping a learner for a toxic element (7)

20 Being successful like butter perhaps (2,1,4)

22 Doctor has to copy American curtain (5)


ACROSS: 1 Squids, 5 Pacifism, 9 Northwards, 10 Runt, 11 Bahraini, 12 Mohair, 13 Lino, 15 Marauder, 18 Locksman, 19 Both, 21 Shovel, 23 Airburst, 25 Bran, 26 Fricasseed, 27 Wesleyan, 28 Sedate. …