ITH the Recent Button Mashing and Simple; Winter Sport 2010 (PS3)

Article excerpt

Byline: Steve Wollaston

WITH the recent deluge of snow and ice, we Brits have been getting a taste of winter sports without having to venture further afield than the Lickey Hills!

But with the white stuff thawed out, at least for the time being, you may want to hit the slopes - from the comfort of your sofa.

Winter Sports 2010 is a collection of sporting disciplines that you can play ad-hoc or as part of a career.

Released to tie-in with the Winter Olympics, the games on offer are snowboard cross, bobsleigh, figure skating, ski jumping, downhill skiing, freestyle skiing, biathlon and short track speed skating.

That's not many games, I hear you say. No, it's not. In fact, it is shamefully sketchy.

I think the idea was to go for quality and not quantity, but unfortunately I can't say that they have achieved this in all areas.

The games are a complete mixture in quality from very good to very bad.

In downhill skiing and bobsledding, for example, the sense of speed is very well captured and makes for some exhilarating gameplay. Figure skating is pretty dire with the controls aping the rhythm approach used by dance games and Guitar Hero series. …