Cope Youth Movement Repeats Call to Dissolve Leadership

Article excerpt


The Cope Youth Movement has repeated its demands that the fledgling party's national congress leadership be dissolved to make way for an early leadership and policy conference.

Despite the fact that the national leadership has pooh-poohed the proposal made in the youth movement's first discussion document earlier this month, its national steering committee consolidated the demands this weekend and publicly called for an end to Cope's "dysfunctional political and administrative structures" and lack of programmes of action and coherent campaigns.

The demands, which were released to the media yesterday, are the latest in a series of signals that the ANC breakaway group's bitter leadership struggles are far from over.

Youth movement national secretary Malusi Booi said the demands - on which all structures of the youth were "in unison" - included an "emergency meeting" of the party's congress national committee before the end of the month, the speedy dissolution of the committee that was selected at the 2008 founding congress and the appointment of a secretary's forum to prepare for a policy and elective conference before the end of May.

Its policy document lists a raft of reasons why Cope is regarded as dysfunctional, including that "the national leadership has failed to present itself as a united force" and that its parliamentary leadership failed to support and give direction to party structures. …