NOT SO FAST, MR CAMERON; Mandy Is the James Bond of Politics.And He Promises to Eliminate the Tories: EXCLUSIVE: BOND

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DEFIANT Peter Mandelson yesterday said he was the James Bond of politics - with a licence to kill off the Tories in the general election.

In a rallying call to the Labour faithful, Mandy revealed he planned to bring back Tony Blair to campaign alongside Gordon Brown in a contest that will make or break Britain for years to come.

Speaking as the country officially bounced out of recession yesterday, the Business Secretary said: "I don't think I have a licence to kill but I do have a huge opportunity to gather votes for Labour which I am determined to do.

"I do that because I think this country is at a real crossroads. The 21st century is going to be a testing one for Britain .

"If we make the wrong calls and follow the wrong policies now we are going to find ourselves in a much weaker position to take on the challenges from the world and to realise the opportunities we have."

Lord Mandelson promised Mr Blair would not be the only well-known Labour face to play a major part in the election. campaign .

He went on: "We want all the party's leadership - past and present - to be contributing. They know as well as anyone what is at stake for the country . …