Aston University - Actively Committed to Conservation

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Aston Green 2010 Wind turbines, grass roofs, alternative transport, and the transformation of algae and sewage into electricity, are just some of the carbon cutting initiatives and research at Aston University, this year. Aston is actively encouraging innovative research into sustainability across all its schools and has pledged itself to the national 10:10 energy reduction campaign, to lower its carbon levels from energy and transport by 10 per cent.

Low Carbon Cars Following a successful consortium bid to Government, a fleet of 110 alternative energy cars will be on the streets of Birmingham and Coventry in 2010. Aston researchers will be analysing and assessing the overall performance of the electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles with the latest in satellite mapping and computer technologies. The West Midlands based 12-month scheme is the largest UK trial of ultra low emission vehicles, with manufacturers involved including Smart, Tata, Microcab and Land Rover.

Turning waste into energy Algae tanks will be housed in Aston's renewable energy laboratories, which are set to open this year. These state of the art facilities and demonstration test centre, run by Aston's European Bioenergy Research Institute, will investigate the potential of biomass fuels including algae, biogas, wood, leaves and sewage sludge. It will assess the capabilities of different fuels for providing alternative and renewable sources of heat, power, synthetic gas, and energy for hydrogen powered cars in the near future. …