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Toyota Motor Corporation Plans $1 Billion Car Plant In Brazil-Reuters

Reuters reported that according to Brazilian business newspaper Valor Economico, Toyota Motor Corporation plans to build a new car plant in Brazil's Sao Paulo state worth more than $1 billion. Valor said Toyota's second car plant in Brazil should be ready around 2010 and would produce over 200,000 small economy cars per year as well as engines.

Name                                    Revenue Growth (M)
                                          (Figures in $)

1. Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.                          8.6
2. Navistar International corporation.                 6.7
3. Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.                            6.6
4. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.                              5.3
5. Suzuki Motor Corporation.                           3.0
6. Harley-Davidson, Inc.                               1.7
7. Polaris Industries Inc.                             1.4
8. Honda Motor Co,. Ltd.                               0.3
9. Daimler AG (USA).                                   0.2
10. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.                        -0.7

AB Volvo's Volvo Trucks Opens New Service Facility in Serbia

AB Volvo's Volvo Trucks announced that they opened a large service facility in Belgrade, Serbia, last month. The 3,000-sqm large facility will be a multifunction service station and offer workshop services, sales of trucks and spare parts as well as financial services.

General Motors Corporation To Cut Truck Production By 170,000 Units-Reuters

Reuters reported that General Motors Corporation said it plans to reduce pickup truck and SUV production by 170,000 units in the second half of the year, while increasing the output of cars. Summer shutdowns will be extended in seven GM truck plants to throttle back production. A few plants will also have additional shutdowns later this year.


AB Volvo Plans To Close Plant In Tampere, Finland

AB Volvo announced that its Board of Directors has decided to initiate negotiations with representatives of the employees with the intention to close the bus body plant in Tampere. The Company also about to reorganize operations at the body plant in Turku to increase the competitiveness. In total, approximately 300 employees could be affected. Volvo Buses European bus body production system consists of the two plants in Finland, in Wroclaw, Poland, and in Saffle, Sweden. The plants in Tampere and Wroclaw both manufacture the Volvo 8700 bus model.

Name                                     Operating Margin (M)
                                           (Figures in $)

1. Harley-Davidson, Inc.                                 9.4
2. Polaris Industries Inc.                               8.8
3. Federal Signal Corporation.                           4.7
4. Mayflower Corporation plc.                            2.3
5. Navistar International Corporation.                  -0.6
6. Honda Motor Co,. Ltd.                                -1.1
7. Daimler AG (USA)..                                   -1.3
8. Ford Motor Company.                                  -3.2
9. Supreme Industries,. In.                             -4.2
10. AutoLogic Holdings plc.                             -6.8

General Motors Corporation Weighs More Layoffs-WSJ

The Wall Street Journal reported that General Motors Corporation is preparing to cut thousands more white-collar jobs and is considering whether it should sell or shutter more of its brands. Both moves are part of a broader re-evaluation of GM's strategy and of its ability to meet an internal projection of returning to profitability in 2010.

General Motors Corporation To Announce Further Restructuring Steps-Complete Story

Reuters reported that General Motors Corporation is set to announce further steps to cut costs in the face of slumping sales. …