What They Owe; Here's the Full List of Scottish MPs and What They Owe in Expenses Repayments. According to Sir Thomas Legg

Article excerpt

Danny Alexander Lib-Dem Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey Overpaid utilities, financial advice and council tax.

Total repayment recommended pounds 290.82 Total repayments since April 2009: pounds 512.92. Balance: Zero Gordon Brown Lab Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath Exceeded maximum for cleaning, decoration and garden. Repayment recommended: pounds 12,888.03. Repayment received: pounds 13,723.04. Balance: Zero. Russell Brown Lab Dumfries & Galloway Overpayment on rent.

Repayment recommended: pounds 1146.63. Repayments received: pounds 1146.63 Balance: Zero Malcolm Bruce Lib-Dem Gordon Overpaid for insurance. Repayment recommended: pounds 622.00. Repayment received: pounds 622.00 Balance: Zero David Cairns Lab Inverclyde Overpaid service charge and parking fees. Repayment recommended: pounds 2782.30 Repayment received: pounds 2782.30 Balance: Zero Menzies Campbell Lib-Dem North East Fife Paid for the services of an interior designer, regarded as unnecessary. Repayment recommended: pounds 1490.66 Repayment received: pounds 1772.94 Balance: Zero Alistair Carmichael Lib-Dem Orkney & Shetland Paid for various items, including legal fees, not allowable under rules. Repayment recommended: pounds 480.78. Repayment received: Zero. Balance: pounds 480.78 Katy Clark Lab North Ayrshire & Arran Paid for unallowable mobile phone bills, as well as removal costs. Repayment recommended: pounds 782.89 Repayment received: pounds 782.89. Balance: Zero Michael Connarty Lab Linlithgow & East Falkirk Overpaid service charges and mortgage interest. Repayment recommended: pounds 5181.56 Repayment received: pounds 5181.56 Balance: Zero Alistair Darling Lab Edinburgh South West Paid pounds 1104 for a chest of drawers, which exceeded the maximum of pounds 550. Repayment recommended: pounds 554.00 Repayment received: pounds 1512.04. Balance: Zero Ian Davidson Lab Glasgow South West Overpaid mortgage interest and council tax. Repayment recommended: pounds 1241.39 Reduced on appeal by:pounds 474.47 Repayment received: pounds 766.92 Balance: Zero Nigel Griffiths Lab Edinburgh South Overpaid mortgage interest. Repayment recommended: pounds 4005.84. Repayment received: pounds 4005.84. Balance: Zero.

David Hamilton Lab Midlothian Overpaid mortgage interest Repayment recommended: pounds 2595.51. Repayment received: Zero. Balance: pounds 2595.51 James Hood Lab Lanark & Hamilton East Overpaid mortgage interest, food. Repayment recommended: pounds 5413.49. Repayment received: pounds 5413.49. Balance: Zero.

Stewart Hosie SNP Dundee East Claimed for hotel, which should have been on insurance, when his home was flooded. Repayment recommended: pounds 379.45. Repayment received: pounds 379.45 Balance: Zero.

Eric Joyce Lab Falkirk Overpaid for mortgage interest, council tax, cleaning. …