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Byline: Mike Harris

1. Whose Welshpool garden shed has recently been described as a miniature Hubble Space Telescope station ? 2. In the world of entertainment, what recently have Stephen Fry (b1957), Craig Gazey (b1982), David Tennant (b1971) and Lacey Turner (b1988) in common ? 3. What will be particularly appropriate about the first pop band to appear live at the Cardiff City Stadium on June 5 this year? 4. Complete the names of these leading charities and then list them in the order of their coming into existence - i) A***** A** ii) C****d iii) ********* Aid, iv) M******** S*** F*********, v) O****, and, vi) S*** T** C*******. 5. What is the longest structure ever to be built by human hand? 6. Identify the Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) story of which this is the opening sentence and what is the title of the collection from which it has been taken ? "The grass-green cart with 'J Jones, Gorsehill' painted shakily on it, stopped in the cobblestone passage between 'The Hare's Foot' and the 'Pure Drop.'" 7. Name the two Shakespearean plays which were compressed by the film director Orson Welles (1915-1985) into his 'Chimes At Midnight' (1965) 8. Identify the young amphibian from this description. "It has a big head, long tail and no limbs."

9. The population of China is approximately 1.3b. Of that figure, what percentage live rurally, as opposed to in cities or towns ? Is it 20%, 40% 60%, 70% or 80% ? 10 The following are partial book titles of famous children's books by the incomparable Beatrice Potter (1866-1943), children's writer, illustrator, mycologist and conservationist: The Tale i) Of Two *** Mice, ii) Of Tom ***, iii) Of *** Bunny, iv) Of Mr ***, v) Of *** & Pickles, vi) Of Mr Jeremy ***, vii) Of Mr *** Tiptoes, viii) Of Samuel ***, ix) Of *** Nutkin and x) Of The *** Bunnies. Complete them from this list: Squirrel, Ginger, Whiskers, Bad, Kitten, Flopsy, Tod, Benjamin, Fisher and Timmy.

9. The percentage of the Chinese population living rurally is 80%. The age distribution of the nation as a whole is as follows: 0-14/25%, 15-59/65% and 60+/10% 10. …