How High Are You?

Article excerpt

Byline: Research by Ian Yarett

Fourteen states have legalized medical marijuana. The grass is greenest in California, where last month possession limits were deemed unconstitutional. Dude!

California = 253,800* = N/A

Since regulations do not contain a comprehensive list of eligible conditions, anything that persuades a doctor to recommend the drug--from anxiety to HIV--counts.

Washington = 45,800* = N/A

Instead of setting a strict limit on the amount of marijuana a patient can possess, the law permits "60 days' supply."

Oregon = 26,274 = 24 oz.

The possession limit of 1.5 pounds is greater than that of any other state. "You could literally have a pillowcase filled to the rim," says Allen St. Pierre of NORML.

Colorado = 17,356 = 2 oz.

The state is experiencing a "green rush," receiving upwards of 900 applications a day for medical-marijuana cards.

Michigan = 8,004 = 2.5 oz.

A new school dedicated to the cultivation of medical marijuana hopes to create jobs and stimulate the state's ailing economy.

Montana = 7,339 = 1 oz.

The voter-approved medical-marijuana measure passed by the largest margin of any state: 62 to 38 percent.

Hawaii = 5,000* = 3 oz.

"Whether or not marijuana use is permissible at a place of employment is up to the discretion of the employer," states the law.

Nevada = 2,808 = 1 oz.

Patients must pass a strict background check--and pay up to $242--in order to qualify for medical marijuana.

Rhode Island = 1,274 = 2. …