Rodzinski Retires from Van Cliburn Foundation

Article excerpt

Richard Rodzinski, president and executive director of the Van Cliburn Foundation for the past 23 years, has retired. Mann Bedford Sampson has assumed the position of interim executive director. Rodzinski was named president emeritus.

In his time at the head of the Van Cliburn Foundation, Rodzinski directed six competitions, beginning in 1986, and served as executive producer of award-winning documentary films aired on PBS and syndicated internationally. Rodzinski also instituted numerous advances for the competition, including live screening auditions around the world; voting procedures that have been adopted by other instrumental competitions; a format and schedule designed to showcase its unique festival nature; a competition for American composers held within the International Piano Competition that offers a showcase for new American works; advances in the use of technology, including real-time Internet streaming; and a landmark webcast in 2009.

In 1999, Rodzinski started the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, a quadrennial event that alternates with the International Piano Competition. …