Energy and Climate Change Action Plan to Turn City Green Turn the City Green Environmental Sustainability

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THE city authorities are thrashing out a plan to turn Cape Town green.

The "energy and climate change action plan" incorporates 121 projects in about 50 programmes in the city council.

It comes as part of a recent policy shift towards environmental sustainability.

"I don't think there's any other city in the world with such an extensive plan," said Sarah Ward, head of the council's energy and climate change division, which was responsible for drawing up the plan.

"It has been a matter of capturing all the programmes already in place and filling in the gaps.

"At this stage it's like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting in a little piece here, another there."

The plan applies to all the departments in the council.

It was discussed at a meeting of the energy committee on Thursday.

This is a special sub-committee that has been set up in the executive management team to reinforce the work of the political energy and climate change committee.

Work on many of the projects has already begun.

These projects include retrofitting council buildings with energy-saving technology - a tender for work on the first four buildings was awarded last month.

They also include a campaign to reduce electricity use in the city by 10 percent, and a scheme by which 300 000 middle-income houses could get solar water heaters in a loan scheme, paying back the cost as they save electricity.

Other ideas in the pipeline include obtaining as much electricity as possible from the Darling wind farm and drawing up specifications for small wind turbines to connect to the electricity grid.

The Integrated Rapid Transport System is also part of the plan. …