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QDOES 'social networking' media pose problems for employers, particularly at times like St Valentine's Day? AIt would appear that St Valentine's Day is as popular as ever, not only in terms of the traditional way that St Valentine's Day has been celebrated with the buying of cards, flowers, chocolates and the like, but also in a modern 21st century way with the use of text messages, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is growing fast, as has Facebook and the other social networking sites.

This generates a sense of urgency in communications because of the almost instantaneous nature of the communications themselves.

Indeed, the use of communications in this way in the workplace can be quite disruptive to the routine daily work pattern and also to productivity.

The dangers in the workplace with something like St Valentine's Day are all too obvious.

Hell hath no fury than cupid scorned! There can be a build up of disruptive behaviour as a result of petty jealousy and bitchiness where expressions of love are not reciprocated. This can lead to claims of sex discrimination and harassment.

Employers, therefore, have to be on their guard to avoid such issues occurring.

Do not forget that there is no ceiling on claims of discrimination.

A recent case where a celebrity was caught out sending explicit electronic messages to the exclusion of his wife demonstrates how things can get out of hand. …