Antigrams from Word Ways: A Retrospective

Article excerpt

In the November 2009 Kickshaws, eve Michaelsen presented a selection of antigrams (antonymic anagrams) from various sources, but excluded mention of any from Word Ways. I've presented nearly 200 herein (02-monograph#5 up/dn, 03-96, 03-282, 04-277, 05-91, 05-214) and felt a review of the best of these would give Word Ways due credit and balance out eve's list. A few of these don't agree grammatically but were apt enough otherwise to forgive and include. I'll discover yet more antigrams, I expect, once I resume my Definitive Anagrams study of M-Z.

  beat admit
 dam it better off
 oft bereft certainly
 I can't rely. clamor
 or calm conventional
 I vote non-clan. credited
 cited red dazzle
 deal ZZ defence
 de-fence [charade] dereliction
 toil in creed derogator
 "Good!" rater disallow
 "Do as will." do well
 led low easygoing
 I gag on "yes". enthusiastic
 Case it, shun it. entire
 ie, rent fakir
 kafir fashionable
 Fine? …