Wind Energy Is a Vital Source of Power

Article excerpt

Presently all over the world, he total installed windmill power capacity stands nearly 94,000 MW. Such energies are obtained through the dispersing wind, solar (sunshine), geothermal (heat from inside the earth), biomass (energy obtained from plants), and energy from mighty rivers and oceans of the world. These are the some sources of renewable energies. Nearly 70 countries have laws and regulations to support the development of renewable energies such as wind, which are gaining importance because of spiraling cost of oil and gas and need to limit emissions because of global warming. The earth is filled with rivers, lakes, streams, oceans and with many natural resources such as water (71%), and with numerous quantities of oil, gas, minerals both ordinary and nuclear, coal, winds power etc. It is man, who has been producing electricity by utilizing the natural resources found inside the earth on the earth and in the oceans. In the present day world, the winnowing wind has been proved as a powerful natural source for generating electricity in most countries of the world, where the powerful wind resource is available.


Around the world, the renewable energies targets have been set and the last decade saw an immense increase in the world wind energy output. To generate any measurable power from wind, we need strong wind speed, of more than five meters per second. Another problem with the speed of the wind is that it should be steady and consistent not only throughout the day.

The global total installed wind power capacity, presently stands at 94,400 MW. The immense boost in wind energy has been possible due to modern designing of the equipments. The countries with the highest installed capacity are Germany 23,000 MW.

China which has been generating more than 3,450 MW from wind has an impressive record of 156% increase of wind energy during recent years. Spain is producing 15,100(40%) MW of their energy demand from wind. The United States of America has seen great boom in the last decade and generates 19,540 MW from on-land and offshore wind farms. The US has vast areas of seashores from Maine State in the East to Washington State in the West. The USA has started its wind energy mill in 1940 and Europe in 1923. At present there are 27 European countries full of natural resources and brotherhood relations. Denmark is producing 8312 MW through coastal wind. A number of other countries including Italy, the UK, Holland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Ireland Portugal, Japan etc. Have crossed the 3,000 MW mark of installed capacity. The areas of most of these countries face the coastal sea belts such North Seas, Mediterranean. Sea, etc. India is also harnessing 8000 MW from wind and increasing with an astounding rate of 1700 MW each year. …