BenHatton Harness Search Engines to Drive Your Profits

Article excerpt

THE revolution made the internet a vital foundation of managing a business; however, having a website is no longer enough to drive sales.

With 40% of web visitors estimated to arrive via a search engine, it is clear that search engine optimisation is key to making sure your business is found online and develops new revenue streams.

Without a household brand or a wall-to-wall TV advertising campaign, it is unlikely potential customers will type in a small or medium-sized business's web address to find them or their services.

By following the right steps and by partnering with the right agency, search engine optimisation can improve a business's visibility and its profitability by making it easier for people to find it online.

The first important step is to ensure that the words and links to a company's site use terms and phrases their customers will look for when searching. Google Keywords is a free tool that can help determine these by showing the most popular search terms people look for.

For instance, Revolution Vodka Bars identified users that would search for bars by location, ie, "bars in Manchester", rather than "vodka bars", and as a result Revolution appears on the first page of such a Google search for Manchester bars. …